VistaQuartz™ — Brilliantly colored sand for all occasions!

"The blending of two different beings, into a single, inseparable unit. Hard as it would be to separate out those grains of sand, that's how difficult it is to separate these two people…"

VistaQuartz Wedding Sand is brilliantly colored sand ideal for pouring in a unity ceremony to symbolize the joining together of two souls. The ceremony can include just the two exchanging vows or be turned into a more family-friendly affair including children, grandparents, etc.! Not only does this ceremony provide a powerful visual on your big day but it also can be kept as a keepsake to remember your special moment forever!

VistaQuartz is also sure to turn heads when used in centerpieces at your reception! A cost-friendly alternative to floral arrangements; sand centerpieces are trendy, eye-catching and can be matched to your wedding’s colors to complete the perfect visual when entering through your reception’s doors!


• Unity Ceremony
• Centerpieces
• Candle Bases
• Shadow Boxes

Aqua Beige Black Blue Brown Snow
Buff Emerald Green ThunderGrey Jade Tan
Khaki LtGrey Navy Pink Red Teal